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Tropea is one of the top destinations during summertime. Tropea is located in Calabria, southern Italy, and is a municipality in the province of Vibo Valentia.

Tropea is a seaside resort with sandy beaches, on Italy’s west coast, for this boasts to have numerous variety of beaches that are worth visiting.

Below is my guide where I compare the best places to visit in Tropea including:

Among the most popular beaches with crystal clear sea are:

  • Spiaggia del Cannone
  • Spiaggia ‘A Linguata
  • Spiaggia del Convento
  • Spiaggia della Rotonda
  • Grotta del Palombaro
  • Baia di Riaci
  • Spiaggia Marina dell’Isola
  • Spiaggia Passo Cavalieri
  • Scogliera di Praia di Fuoco

Some of these beaches are accessible only by sea.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Guido Piovene, Viaggio in Italia, 1957″] La Calabria sembra essere stata creata da un Dio capriccioso che, dopo aver creato diversi mondi, si è divertito a mescolarli insieme.

Calabria seems to have been created by a capricious God who, after creating different worlds, had fun mixing them together.[/blockquote]

For enthusiasts of art and culture, Tropea offers ancient piazzas lined with noble palaces and cathedrals.

Popular points of interest nearby include:

  • Cattedrale Normanna (il Duomo) the symbol par excellence of Tropea;
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria;
  • Palazzo Braghò: Among the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Tropea, dating back to the eighteenth century,
  • Palazzo Toraldo (located in Largo S. Michele).
  • Piazza Ercole

The historic center, with the noble buildings of the ‘700 and’ 800 perched on the sheer cliff and the beach below. In particular, are there are many noble palaces with the “portals” of the buildings that represented noble families.

Enjoy the Tropea view from above

To enjoy the view from above there are some outstanding viewpoints in Tropea:

  • Affaccio Raf Vallone
  • Affaccio del Corso (Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 58)
  • Piazza del Cannone affaccio
  • Santuario di Santa Maria dell’Isola di Tropea
  • The views are stunning, especially at the Santa Maria church perched on a cliff right across.

Where to eat in Tropea

  • Pimm’s panoramic restaurant
  • Little Italy (best pizza) Via Vittorio Veneto, 2, 89861 Tropea VV, Italia
  • Pasticceria Tre Stelle
  • Taverna L’antica Grotta
  • Paninoteca da Enzo
  • Alice restaurant
  • Bo Ca Bottega Calabra

Some of these restaurants have a stunning view because are perched on a cliff right across.

Places to visit along the way

Chiesetta di Piedigrotta is a seventeenth-century church carved in a cave of soft rock facing out to sea. Is an enchanting place that makes 100 times better live.

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